Random Musings

Today was a good day. I appreciate it. After yesterday, I was feeling a lil’ down.  

I went to first meetup for my Python group today. I’m kind proud of myself. For months,  I have been rsvping yes then change to no in a few days or the day of. I’m glad I went.  I learned a few things, software to help with my programming. Love it. 

I lit the fire in me to continue to learn Python. I’ve been slacking hard.  

I guess I need to to find a project to do.  The only want I will become proficient is if I put it through. Here’s to getting out my comfort zone.  

F fear . Do run , embrace *Note to self*


I’m good that is out but downloading it is another thing

just looking at the estimated download time and it is 37 hours. #facepalm